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18 May 2009 @ 06:45 pm
to the writing journal of circas

» i don't write fanfictions anymore, but there are a couple here if you are interested. they're not done. sorry.
« listen to music while you're reading! i listen to it while i'm writing it, so please please listen to it while you're reading. it makes everything so much more enjoyable!
» sorry, but i can't update if i'm not inspired. if i'm not inspired, it will turn out really shitty.
« soo basically, i can't ever finish anything. i think i've finished one story in my entire life. i have a problem. i get an idea into my head, write it out for a few chapters, then get bored. or think up of a new idea.
» it's basically impossible for me to write more than one story at a time. i get confused and loose track haha.
« if you like what you're reading, please please please join! and don't forget to leave comments. i love love feedback from my readers!
» i welcome constructive critisism. if you see something you think i could improve on, or fix - let me know! do not hold back! but if you just want to bash my writing, don't bother. there's a little red X in the corner of your screen. click it if you want to say something rude.
« enjoy! i enjoy writing, so i really hope that you enjoy reading!
» :DD

Current Music: All Time Low - Shameless
28 June 2008 @ 12:58 pm

Got in a streetfight,
Took one to the chest but i'm fine.

My fifteen minutes of fame are done,
And I don't care.
I was just having more fun than you,
And I didn't ask for it anyways.
Now I'm on T.V, guess that's not cool,
Now I'm a sell-out,
But I'm not the only one with name brand shoes on.

Gimme all you got,
Just take your shot,
You come off screaming like a girl.

Take me anywhere but here now take me,
Anywhere but here now take me,
I will not go back.

22 June 2008 @ 11:05 pm

public. if you like it, join to see the rest.